Samsung Galaxy S13 Specification, Camera, Release Date & Price

Samsung Galaxy S13: Can you remember the beginning of mobile history? What was the trend at that time? Yes, some of you can do so. At that time, the mobile was just a communication device. After that, it takes the form of a pure entertainment provider. We cannot think a day without having a mobile phone with us. In that case, we look for the perfect features which will be compatible with our choice. You know what; in the beginning, users only sought to have a durable mobile phone.

According to the market experts, the devices which we used to have a conversation with others just were such a jerk. How funny it is! We are calling those devices by that name. The only communication was the prime reason to have a phone with users. In that time, durability could play a vital role. That is why; we found the phones like remote control, and those were so heavy. By taking the oath of goad, we can say that two facts have played a vital role in bringing a massive change in the mobile industry. In this continuation, we are going to have Samsung Galaxy S13 as a new trend launcher for this year.

Besides, our primary goal is to introduce you to the perfect features included devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S13 mobile. It is going to set a new trend in smartphone making technologies. Before going to that topic, we have to know what people usually look for the features on this day’s smartphone. Everyone will agree that a smartphone must be so entertaining and will replace the need for a personal computer.

In today’s technological innovation time, we should have the facility to choose the best features for us. You know what, only the features can satisfy our needs. In that case, this phone can make us happy with useful and usable features. You may be so keen to know the Samsung Galaxy S13 specifications to decide whether you will buy it or not. So, without wasting time, let’s go for having critical information about this device.

Samsung Galaxy S13

Samsung Galaxy S13 Full Specification

It would help if you got the best value for your hard earn money. Just keep faith in us. We will provide exact information regarding this device. From our experience, we can confidently state that this device will blow your mind. Before going to further discussion, let’s have a look at the following specifications of this smartphone.

Key Specifications:

  • Status: Samsung has not officially announced any releasing date yet. Most probably, it will come in this year.
  • Network Technology: The manufacture has included almost all technologies in this device, such as GSM / UWB / Wireless / HSPA / LTE /4G / 5G.
  • SIM: Stand By Nano SIM card, both of them are 5G compatible.
  • Display: Most probably, it will include a 6.4″ Inches Super AMOLED Full Touch screen. It can present 6K images and videos. Besides, Super Corning Gorilla Glass will protect both sides.
  • Processor: Snapdragon 870 plus Processor.
  • Operating System: Android 10 Pie Version.
  • Memory: It will provide 14 GB RAM and 512 GB ROM, which is extendable up to 1 TB with an external card.
  • Camera: It will have Quad-core Camera in 48 MP + 24 MP + 20 MP + 16 MP with Dual LED Flash.
  • Battery: Li-Polymer 6800 mAh Non-removable Battery.
  • Sensor: Fingerprint, Face ID, Accelerometer, GPS, Proximity, barometer, QR Code, and Hyper sensors.
  • Audio Jack: It will have a 3.8 mm fiber Jack.
  • Loudspeaker:
  • It includes Fast Battery Charging 50W (Quick Charge 4.4+).
  • Qi Wireless Charging 28W.
  • USB 3.1, along with the Type-C port.

So, we can easily understand that Samsung is going to put all its effort into making this device a legacy for the aristocratic people. You know what, the Quad-core cameras are the main features of this device. In the last few years, Samsung is putting lots of emphasis on developing extra-ordinary cameras for its users. We will discuss the camera features later in this article.

So, at first, let’s go for the critical details about this model. You know what, the battery is so crucial in these days’ smartphones. It is because, usually, we use more massive apps on our smartphone. These apps consume enormous power. That is why; we need to have a more substantial capacity holder battery for our phones. That is why; Samsung has included a 6800 mAh battery along with this device for larger conversation and other uses.

On the other hand, you will get massive amusement with the storage capacity of this device. Samsung has included a 512 GB ROM along with this mobile. Besides, you can extend this storage up to 1 TB according to your needs. Plus, 14 GB RAM will ensure the fast performance of this device. Besides, you can have lots of sensors with this model, such as Fingerprint, Face ID, Accelerometer, GPS, Proximity, barometer, and QR Code.

Samsung Galaxy S13 Camera

Most of the users are very much fond of taking pictures frequently. These days, taking Selfies has become a phenomenon. So, Samsung is always concern about this fact. That is why the manufacturer is going to include a Quad-core Camera in 48 MP + 24 MP + 20 MP + 16 MP with Dual LED Flash. With these cameras, you can take high-quality pictures. Besides, you have the scope to record video in 4K resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S13 2020 Price & Release Date

Over time, Samsung is changing the competitive environment of the market. Every year this brand is releasing lots of eye-catching phones for its users. In this continuation, we are going to have this smartphone most probably in the first quarter of this year. Besides, Samsung has not officially announced anything. If we take the opinion from the mobile market experts, then we get some clue regarding the price of this model. According to them, the Samsung Galaxy S13 price will be approximately $1160 to $1200. But about one thing, we can assure you, and that is this device will blow your mind.

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