Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus: Specs, Price & Releasing Date

Samsung Galaxy S12: Specs, Price & Releasing Date! Traditionally, a phone is such a device that connects people. But, nowadays, this definition has changed to the versatile formation. You know a user consider mobile phone as the whole box of accessories. They do not purchase the device; instead, the features included in the model. In this way, a mobile phone is a service providing tool which is capable of only to communicate but also to fulfill some daily needs. Let’s have a more definite concept about this. It had passed those days when we got habituated to use the phone only for conversational purposes.

In this digital age, we need a phone to have entertainment, to serve the official tasks, and to store the moments as well. When we visit the market in search of a device, we find Samsung, a renowned Korean brand, is the leading manufacturer of mobile phones. This brand is setting the trend of the market with various versions of devices. In this continuation, we are going to have a new marketing buzzing set named as Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus. It will be the flagship model of Samsung for this year. It is expecting to be the highest sold-out device in comparison with other models of the competitors. We have seen that Samsung Mobile Company has added almost the same features in Samsung Galaxy S12.

You know, Samsung always includes some new features in its flagship models. Keep this old long tradition continued, Samsung has put lots of emphasis on the display, Camera, processor, and battery. The design of this device will be less or more the same in comparison with previous flagship models. But the most important fact is that for the first time, users will experience 6K display with this Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus 2020. Such a phone display is a mere dream for the competitors of Samsung in the mobile industry. It is not a new thing because, with every flagship model, Samsung always sets a new definition of smartphones. In this article, we will make wise you with the proper information regarding the full specs of this model, along with the probable releasing date and price.

Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus full specs

At first, let’s have a look at the thundering feature of this model, which is its display. The display of this device is unique. For the first time in the mobile industry, Samsung is going to include 6K resolution in the machine.  It means you will see things more like seeing through the natural atmosphere. Besides, it will beautify the objects, and you can even see the single dot of the elements thoroughly. Samsung will bring this model in the market with the perfect length of the device. The display will be 6.4 inches Super AMOLED, which will ensure the better quality of the screen. The most interestingly, it has got an aspect ratio of 21: 9, which is so much desirable for its users. Besides, it will have a full touch screen along with the finger sensor included on display. The manufacturer will safeguard its screen with Corning Gorilla Glass.


Samsung is going to blow the mind of the consumers with a great feature like a Camera. Because the users will get a quad-camera on the backside of the device for better photography, the rear side will have four camera lenses, such as 48 Mega Pixels primary lens, 18 Mega Pixels wide lens, 18 Mega Pixels ultra-wide lens, and 16 Mega Pixels deep sensor lens. You can make a full range of photography with the extreme natural sequence with the camera features included in this model. The most important fact is that the rear cameras will enable you to record the video in 8K resolution, which will is just rare in other models. On the other hand, you will have a front side camera featuring 48 Mega Pixels. With this, you can take the best Selfie of you and your friends. The manufacturer has included LED flash in rear and front side, autofocus, HDR, and artificial intelligence in the Camera to make the photography best for you.


The battery is so crucial part of any smartphone. You know, today’s apps are quite capable of substantial interaction with the device. The features of the apps work in a way that requires lots of power for smoothing running. That is why; we find the device is consuming more energy than before. The manufacturer of the smartphone has also put their eyes very seriously on this issue. Samsung always provides mobile phones with higher battery performance. In this continuation, the users are going to have a 6000 MAh non-replaceable battery with this flagship model. The battery will be Li-Polymer which ensures the longevity of it. Besides, as a user, you will get amusement finding that it has included a quick charging port such as Quick Charge 5.0+. Moreover, it will get the support of the wireless charging facility along with the charging switch. In this way, this model will run for a long time, and you can have a massive talk with others without worrying about power.

Samsung Galaxy has got Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset Processor, which is the latest version and powerful. Besides, it will have an operating system from Google, such as android pie version 10. You may find it along with 8/10 GB RAM. That means, as a user, you are going to have the most smooth and fast running device in your hand. Besides, this device is coming in the market with large storage built-in. The expected capacity of the storage is up to 256 GB or 512 GB ROM. With this vast space of the room, you can store big files easily. The list of amazing features has not ended yet. It will come with a stereo speaker ensuring the clarity of the audio. On the other hand, it has got a box of sensors such as Face ID, accelerometer, Gyro, vicinity, compass, and barometer. Moreover, it has got a dual Nano-SIM feature along with GSM / CDMA / HSPA / LTE / 5G Network Technology.

Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus Price and Releasing Date

The price and releasing date is still obscure. Samsung has not officially announced anything yet. You know, the market experts are quite expert in this case, and their prediction always comes true. According to their anticipation, the Samsung Galaxy S12 Plus may enter the market at the end of this year. Besides, they have also forecast that the initial price may be between $1100 to $1200 at most.  But one thing is sure,  this model is going to hit the market tremendously, and the consumer will get a highly featured device in 2020.

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